Tuesday, March 20, 2012

God or bad news

I have some good or bad news depending on how you see it.

I have some how convinced my 3d artist friend to create some models for a tower defense game. This means that I will not have time for my own little project, and I will be moving to 3d for that project.

So good news is that I have models to play with, bad news is that this project is shelved for a longer time than first expected.


  1. Hi there!
    Sorry to hear that your isometric project is on hold.
    I'm trying t make an isometric engine myself, but I'm stuck at implementing bresenham's line algorithm. It simply produces lines with errors in them. I'm drawing a staggered map so i'm shifting every (y%2==1) tile to the left by half a tile and down by half a tile. Any ideas how can I fix this. (there is probably no simple fix to tohis because my coordinate system is not a real Cartesian coordinate system. Anyway, thanks for any help and good luck with your new project! :)

    1. I found that the easiest way of doing isometric view is to just think of it as a regular tile map with square tiles. When drawing them, they just overlap and get displaced a bit.

      That way, all your calculations, line algorithms and path finding just happen on a normal 2 dimensional array.

  2. Well I found the osurce of my problem.
    The problem is that I'm using a staggered map.