Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More items and player image

I added some more items "feet and head", they have the same item types as the other, iron, steel, dwarven and so on. They can be equipped as well and so can the chest armor now. All I need is pants and shield or other left hand items for a full set of drops. It's coming along quite nicely and all items that get equipped or unequipped change the players stats. I want to add more items like books "inc xp when read", postions "permanent inc of str, int" to allow player to gain extra stats from drops.

Why yeesssss, I drew them all my self, how did you know?

I added a player image so that I could remove the red square in the center. He get's colored by the lightmap when the player move around. And yes, he's not pretty and only point in one direction, but that's all you get from a free game :-)

So what's the next step in my development. I think it's time for some combat. It's going to be simple, walk up to a monster and then walk into it until you or the monster is dead. Should be fairly simple to implement, all I need now are some cool drawings of monsters........ Hmmm, could just reuse the player image for all monsters. That's a great idea, or not :-)

And  I should probably change the lighting to something more dungeon like instead of the disco lighting I have now. Some torches might be god, with lights of course.

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  1. My suggestion is put the one slot in the center for the boots, looks really nice your light system if you know as3 i can help with the monsters