Friday, December 23, 2011

How to actually build a dungeon

Have been looking at my random dungeon, and something is wrong with it.

Doors will only fit one person, corridors is the same. You would not be able to move a table through there, so how would they actually work.

The player would only be attacked by one npc at the time. Just stand in a corridor and you will be fairly safe.

The only way around this would be to create double doors and wider hallways. This is somewhat more complex to create than just a random room and a random corridor.

That got me thinking. What if I create a starting room. Then a wide corridor in a random direction. A room at the end of that corridor. Then keep going in sort of the same direction. That will give me a string of rooms that the player needs to move through. Maybe adding a few side rooms here and there. It would give a sense of going somewhere. Could also be used for quests, find a key to unlock a door, just add key before door.

It's something I will change later on, as it will not impact my game that much. I will not have 100 maps that needs changing later. It will just happen when I change my code.

Food for thought. Speaking of food, think the player should have to eat to stay alive.

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