Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inventory and item generation

So inventory is almost done. I had to draw a few more item images to actually be able to tell the difference between items as I don't have any item descriptions popping op when mouse hovers over an item.

There is room for 8 items on the ground. If there are more than 8 items they will just render outside the ground area and onto the character part. That needs fixing. Items can be added to the inventory by clicking them. At the moment they just get added to the first free slot. I will change that to allow the player to place them where he wants.

Potions can be used from the inventory but items can't be equipped yet. All items when in the inventory can be moved around by clicking an item, it's then displayed under the mouse cursor and you can place it again by left clicking. If you right click, the item is returned to it's previous location. You can also drop it on the ground by clicking one of the looting boxes in the bottom of the screen.

There's a lot of fiddling around before it's done.

I have started on an item generator so that I don't have to create a lot of content. It can generate items of 4 different levels. A short sword can have an Iron, Steel, Dwarf or Elven blade. There's only 2 weapons, short sword and mace, one chest armor and a healing potion that gets generated at the moment. But it's fairly easy to add more.

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