Monday, January 30, 2012

One level wonder game design

I have been busy that last couple of days doing other stuff than programming. I upgraded my graphics card to an Nvidia GTX 580. For some reason, every time I upgrade my computer i seem to loos all my spare time ;-) I did manage to play Skyrim, Rage and Serious Sam 3. Rage is so close to perfect that it's unbelievable. Once you get the shotgun, you can almost feel the kick.

Well back to programming games :-)

I have been thinking about how I want my game to proceed. There are basically 2 ways it can work. First is that the player start out on level one, finds a set of stairs down and start all over again. If the player reaches a level that is too tough, he can walk up the stairs and retry the last level. Or it's a one level game, meaning, every time the player completes a level, he is returned to a score / menu where he can choose to play another level. Every time he completes one, he is rewarded with something extra.

I am sort of leaning towards the last one where one level is played, when the "quest" is solved, he is returned and rewarded. This simplifies things allot and also opens up for shops, skill assignment, character leveling up and other in between killing monsters stuff.

I have also been trying out Unity 3D and think that once I have completed this game, I should try to create something in that. It's a great way to enter 3d game programming as the engine and editor is already there, all you need is a programmer and an artist to start creating something, and the free version is fairly good. Missing a few things that would be nice to have like some lighting stuff, but all in all fairly good.

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