Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More light

For some strange reason, I can't stop fiddling with the lights. My plan was to move on to inventory and items to get some game content going, but every time I test something, I keep getting annoyed because the lights don't look exactly like I want them to.

So I am back for more light.

The plan is to rewrite the light map and try to get the light to fade from one tile to the next. This is a challenge as my images are squares with i diamond in them. That mean that they overlap each other. So it's not enough to get the corners of the images the same light %, but it has to be a calculation of light on the tiles around them.

I have several ideas on how to do this, the first one I will try is to just add up all the corners that overlap and divide by number of corners. This can also reduce my light map size as I only need one color for 1 corner of 4 tiles. I am not sure this will have the desired effect, but at the moment in my head it sounds okay. At least enough to try it out.

Will post pictures of success....... or failure if that is the case when I try it out.

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