Saturday, January 7, 2012

Items and inventory

Started developing inventory and items. My plan is to have a list that contain item groups on the map, so if a monster drops 2 items on the same tile, they will appear in a bag on the map. When the player clicks the bag, a list of items shows up that can be looted.

This will also work well for chests and other objects that is generated and placed on the map. All I have to do is change the image that is draw from a bag to a chest and it's done.

I want to generate random items, from drops and chests. I will probably create something that looks like Diablo 2 item's. They will have a name, prefix, suffix and random stats. Example could be flaming short sword of might that would look like this :

Damage 2 - 6
Fire damage +3
Strength + 1

Flaming covers 1 - 5 fire damage, burning covers 6 - 10 fire damage and so on. There should be some limitations on what effects can be mixed, fire and ice is a no no. Flaming sword of freezing, fun but no.

That way a random item is pretty easy to create. I might also add the possibility to create something that's permanent, like a strength or health boost potion.

At the moment my items are very simple, only a name and an item level. Just working on getting the map, render and item group list to work as intended.

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