Thursday, January 19, 2012

Looting and inventory

Could not escape it any longer, so grabbed my favorite free drawing program and started creating an inventory with space for a looting section. I decided to combine the two things as they are fairly similar. With my limited drawing skills and this being a first draft I drew this

I am particularly proud of the man underneath the equipped boxes, to bad you cant see him smiling, so here's he's face :-)

The plan is that the bottom row of boxes are for items on the ground that can be picked up. When clicked they will be moved to the first free box in the inventory. If there are more items than what can be shown, a small arrow should be shown to scroll through them. I have actually implemented this, sort of anyway. Well not the scrolling arrow thing, but the picking up item stuff. Took a few shortcuts and when the mouse is clicked it just moves the first item from ground to the first free inventory slot.

I only have one item at the moment, lacking more images and an item generator I only created a healing potion. It looks like this

And after clicking the mouse it's moved to the inventory and it looks remarkably similar.

So what's missing. A proper way to loot items and a way to move them around in the bag. A way to equip them or use them from inventory. And a lot of code clean up. As I had no idea what I wanted, and took a few shortcuts to get something working there's a few problems that need eliminating.

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